Why we love WordPress so much

Why we love WordPress so much

Why we love WordPress so much

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By Ashley Wright

WordPress – Why does our Preston based web design agency love it so much? After all, isn’t WordPress just a blogging tool for… bloggers?

Yes, it is a great blogging tool for most bloggers out there, but it’s much more than that.

Did you know that more than 30% off all websites have been built on WordPress? Perhaps even your most favourite websites.

Who uses WordPress that we will have heard of?

Yea, we had to be featured with those list of giants. 

But the point is, if it’s good enough for them, is it good enough for you?

“If WordPress is good enough for Sony, is it good enough for you?”

Very customisable with free themes and plugins

This is so useful when building a website. You are spoiled for choice, especially with plugins.

Just look how WordPress stacks up against the competition.

Official plugin listings:

  • WordPress: ~52,000
  • Joomla: ~8,000 | Drupal: ~39,000

Incredibly diverse

As you can see, the list of famous WordPress users is very diverse, from Bloomberg to StarWars.

But just as diverse is it’s applications. Our Preston web developers can create you a landing page, blog, brochure website or even an ecommerce website, all by using WordPress. Not bad, eh?

wordpress web design preston

Website Design in Preston

WordPress has a super user friendly CMS (Content management system). So when we hand your new website over to you, if you’re wanting to add content yourself – the back-end is very easy to navigate.

Not only that, WordPress are continuing to make changes and modifications to ensure their CMS is more and more user friendly. 

Want your website amongst the top sites in the world?

23% of the top 10k sites use  WordPress. While WordPress has a dominant overall market share, it’s also used by a hefty chunk of top-tier sites as well. 23%, a plurality, of the top 10,000 most-trafficked sites in the world run on WordPress.

No other content management systems come anywhere near this. 

We can build you a website on other platforms too, we’re just choosing to talk about our favourite CMS and give you a few reasons why we’re such big fans.


wordpress web design preston

Website Design in Preston, Lancashire.

Do you have a project you need help with?
We’ve spoke (written) about our favourite CMS, why don’t we show you what we can do with it?
Are you looking to launch your first website? Do you have an existing website that needs re-designing, or do you need an additional website for a new venture?

We’ve got you covered.


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