Why do you use social media marketing?

Have you ever asked yourself why you use social media marketing?

You may be reading this title thinking, “why would a marketing agency be asking that question?”

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We’re asking because we want to make sure you’re asking yourself this question, so you’re activity will reflect your anticipated outcome. That and were taken off guard by someone who told us why they wanted us to manage their social media…


Is that all they wanted from their social media marketing?

Before we get into a few tips and metrics you should be monitoring throughout your social media marketing campaigns, we’d like to share an interesting conversation we had a few weeks ago.

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Quite often when talking to new clients, or companies who are interested in more information, we have to educate on what our service is and does.

That’s absolutely fine and to be expected. We often hear the reasons why people want to market on certain channels, which a lot of the time results in us advising alternative channels to guarantee an optimised marketing campaign.

A company approached us saying they wanted to grow their business and increase their revenue. Again, a very normal conversation, however their next comment was quite baffling. They only wanted to get more likes on their instagram posts… and that was it!

We then provided them with a case study from a campaign that didn’t rack up thousands, not even hundreds of likes, but it was still a successful campaign.

This particular campaign was a Facebook paid ads campaign. Our client invested £20 for us to manage. The campaign lasted 14 days and returned £4580. Not bad at all for a £20 investment, right?

The company we spoke to wasn’t interested in that, they just wanted likes.

You’ve got to ask yourself

Why do you want likes in the first place? Remember, you can buy likes, they are fake accounts, but from a visual perspective, it makes your posts look popular. But what will that do for your company? If your post were getting likes, because your content is amazing and you’re targeting the right audience, with the right content at the right time, then brilliant!

But if you want likes, for like sake, then you’re not going to benefit from your campaigns.

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Incase you’re wondering, the campaign we mentioned only racked up 11 likes. If you’re all about counting likes then we did a rubbish job! Funnily enough, the company we did this for didn’t ask how many likes it got, nor did they care.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with likes, or that having lots of likes equals a failed goal/campaign. We’re saying you shouldn’t prioritise likes as a vanity metric.

Make sure your content is powerful and engaging. An engaged audience is a loyal audience who will more than likely share your posts and like them anyway.

Are you looking to make money from your campaigns? We have to ask, even though it seems obvious. If that is the case, know your audience, so you can effectively target them with your ads. Likes on an instagram pic, won’t help you if you’re targeting the wrong audience.

If you’re looking to maximise on your social media marketing campaigns, give us a shout. We may even get you a few likes along the way too. 😉


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