Marketing Agency: What have we been up to & what’s next?

We’ve kept very quiet, but been very busy lately. But what have we been up to and how have we been developing our marketing agency?

Being a marketing agency, we help our clients develop their brands, grow their audience, extend their reach and so on…

We regularly discuss our successes with our client results and give you all free tips on how to improve your marketing

However, this blog is all about how we’ve worked on our own branding and marketing. It’s been quite nice to give ourselves a taste of our own medicine and grow our marketing agency.

Our Lancashire based Marketing Agency is growing and developing.

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Brand development 

As with any brand, development is key. I remember once sitting impatiently in a Domino’s pizza branch, waiting for my pizza, that was supposed to be ready on arrival (20 minutes ago!!!)

Anyway, as with any waiting room, you find yourself looking around the room and reading things, like reading brochures in the doctors waiting room. However, rather than leaflets on quitting smoking and tips on how to consume your 5 a day, Domino’s have a storyboard on their wall.

The part that stood out to me was their logo timeline. It showed their original logo and each progression until they landed their current incarnation.

lancashire marketing agency

As you can see they have simplified their logo each time they have changed it. The current logo doesn’t even contain the word pizza anymore, because their brand awareness is so strong, they don’t need to say what they do – everyone knows.


Pepsi are another great example of this. Look at the evolution of their logo through the years.


marketing agency

Again, Pepsi have gradually lost their text over the years. Their current logo just contains a circular image – they don’t need the text anymore. The power of brand awareness and having a very strong brand.

And then there’s North West based Marketing Agency – Media Dino.

Let me walk you through the 3 phases of our logo. We don’t have a timeline as impressive as Pepsi and Domino’s, but we still have an impressive evolution of brand development.

Logo version 1

We had a change from our initial set up logo to a revised logo about 6 months ago. But it wasn’t quite right, the logo didn’t work for us, it didn’t reflect the creativity that our brand has. So we embarked on developing it for a 3rd time. 3rd time lucky, right?

media dino logo

This was our first logo. Looking at this now, I think it’s okay, nothing offensive, but there’s nothing memorable about it either. It is nice to look at this logo and appreciate how far our marketing agency has come. But no one else will have that emotional investment in Media Dino’s first logo. Plain and simply, this logo had to go.

Logo version 2

By this point, we were a fully fledged marketing agency, so time was in short supply – developing the Media Dino brand was essential, but tricky. Non the less, here’s our 2nd logo.

seo agency

At this point, we changed the colours, as well as the design. Again, this logo is a bit boring and not representative of our brand and the industry we work within. We are a cutting edge marketing agency who achieve amazing results for our clients. This logo doesn’t say this at all. Also the text and image feel disconnected, they don’t look as though they were made for each other.

Logo version 3

Que the 3rd and soon to be current version of our logo.

We have more of a development storyboard to go with this logo. You can all be part of the journey and see how the new Media Dino logo was born.

marketing agency manchester

The progression of this design is simple, but effective. We started with the dinosaur and just worked on typography, placement, colour and cropping the background. The capital “M” was used to dictate how much background we would keep.

Our new logo is a much better design than our previous two. We can’t wait to apply it and re brand Media Dino.


Our marketing agency has a final logo!

Media Dino marketing agency

You won’t be seeing our new logo and branding just yet. Our brand new website is currently getting developed. Our new website should be complete towards the back-end of December. We’ve decided to launch our new logo, branding and website at the same time, rather than staggering it.

What’s next for our marketing agency?

Well, what would a re-brand be without a brand new website (other than a lot cheaper ) 😉

Our new website has been a long time coming, but due to client commitments, we’ve been putting it off. Managing a new website project, as well as a re brand, new logo and daily client requirements is a lot to take on.

We’ve hired a fantastic web development agency to build our new website, but we’ll be creating all the new content for our new website. What sort of a marketing agency would we be if we couldn’t create powerful SEO focused website content?

Our launch date is yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking like it could be mid-end of December 2017. I guess you could say it’s our Christmas present from us to us!

What else is happening at our marketing agency?

It’s not all aesthetics at Media Dino, we’ve also hired a new member to join our team. Our new starter is due to start in the new year, due to her notice period. We’ll share more on this development in the new year. We have growth plans in place for 2018. Our marketing agency will continue to help many companies with their marketing and create jobs for talented digital marketeers.

We’ve been a little quiet on our blog and email campaigns lately, but we’re still very much here and looking forward to sharing more positive news with you all.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new logo and plans for our marketing agency through 2018.

Speak to us on our social media channels or Give us a shout and let us know what you think.

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