Branding with personality: Are we emotionally invested?

Branding is so important, but what exactly do we mean by branding? Creating a new logo? Having a fancy website? Having a big beautiful office with a team of well-presented professionals?

Yes, all those things are very important to your company. But that is not what we’re referring to in this branding blog.

What do we mean by branding with personality then?

Think of it in human terms. The dating industry is booming at the moment, if you’re not using the popular dating app Tinder, you’re at least aware of it. How about the popular channel 4 programme “First Dates” or even “Dinner Date”? Ok, you get it, dating is popular. You may wonder where we’re going with this, don’t worry, we’re about to land our plane and make our point.

It might sound cliche, but “it’s whats inside that matters” “It’s not just about looks, the personality is more important” “a sense of humour is so important, a funny person could laugh me into bed”.

So if that’s what we’re looking for in a partner to make an emotional investment, does it make sense that your brand should be personal too? If you want an emotional investment, we’d say yes.

So what does that mean for your brand?

One thing we see a lot is brands that automate too much. Automation has it’s place and we use it too. But mix it up a little.

When using social media, do you come across as an entity or a human? Can you emotionally invest in an entity? Actually that’s quite a topical subject right now. Channel 4 have been documenting something about “The Rise of the Robots“. They are exploring whether robots will replace humans, or at least could they?

Think about giving your brand a fitting personality. This will depend on what industry you work within. If it was primary education for example, we would probably steer clear of NSFW memes. But there’s nothing wrong with being a bit tongue in cheek, Disney did it all the time. Do you want your audience to fall in love with the human narrative you have branded your company with? Be human then!

We’ve been rebranding – this has worked for us

If you follow us on social media, you’ll be well aware of our recent and ongoing rebrand. In fact you’re probably sick of hearing it by now. But we’ve used this as an opportunity to give our audience a “behind the scenes” insight into Media Dino. We even used pen and paper! There’s nothing more human than that.

Branding lancashire agency

As we’re rebranding we’ve decided to have a brand new website developed. A big part of any website is the content. We’ve decided to rewrite all of ours, telling the world you’re writing a page about SEO, CRO, or Social Media Marketing is boring. So how do you report this news whilst making it engaging?

Show the human side, before it looks pretty on a polished website. Why not show it scribbled in a scrapbook? Drawing a little human face that conveys your emotion is even better. 1 step further would be an image of yourself scribbling a few ideas down.

This has had many people taking an interest in our branding. It’s a talking point and as the updates have been quite regular, we’ve even received messages from people asking “what’s next?” Brilliant!

You’re part of our rebrand

It’s lovely to feel involved, isn’t it? This can be from asking your audience, “which logo do you think we should go with?” – which we did.

It can be showing your audience the process of something coming to life, before it’s the finished product (even if the process is a bit rough round the edges) – which we did.

You can even update your audience by telling them you don’t have an update – which we did. This meant we were being courteous to a loyal audience who have been good enough to engage and interact.

Have fun and be fun

You don’t have to take yourself too seriously. We created a video to condense our whole logo process down to just 40 seconds. It’s a bit of fun and was meant to engage an audience and inform. It did just that. We even had enquiries from people asking us to create their logos. Unfortunately we don’t create logo’s, but it was a great opportunity for us to refer work on.

Here’s that video:

By just giving your audience a true insight into who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it. Even how much it’s stressing you out. This will give your audience a human emotion they can relate to. If you just try to sell all the time without showing the world who you (your company) are, it isn’t going to work for you. Plus it’s boring for you too.

This can be time consuming, so make sure you can commit to your daily human updates. Or you could always hire a company to do it for you… Shameless plug there…

The human side of branding and marketing is a hot topic for us at the moment. We have a very exciting outreach campaign planned for mid-January. Keep an eye out on our social media pages, we’ll share it with you all.

We’ll hopefully be sharing the HUGE success that comes off the back of it too.

If you’d like help with your PR & branding, give us a shout!

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