Content & SEO – it’s time to get fresh!

Why is content so important to improving your SEO?
Let’s explore the options you have when improving your SEO score through effective content marketing?

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Method number 1: Create fresh content
Get fresh with your content. So what exactly do I mean by that? I mean create new content on your existing pages, you can re-write the whole section on your “about us” section, but you may not need to. Sometimes, just tweaking it slightly, making it easier to read or adding your keywords will improve your content’s ability to serve as a ranking tool.

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A great way to write a good “about us” section is to make it personal, tell your story through your content. Your websites visitors will be much more likely to engage with you and your website if there’s a narrative that draws them in. Read your about us section now, do you think it gives the reader a true insight into you and does it make the reader emotionally invest? Bear this in mind when writing your about us section.

Method number 2: Create headings
A great to improve your websites SEO is to add headings, this will help you rank for your keywords (if you use them in your headings) but also, you’ll make improvements from a readability point of view.
Think about it like this, most people (yourself included) tend to be very impatient, we want the answers yesterday. As such, we skim over pages without reading every single word. As yourself this, if I skimmed through some of your content, would I know what the message is without needing to read every single word?

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Que the heading. Headings are a great way to give your reader an quick overview of exactly what you are talking about, without needing to read all of it. Plain and simply, people don’t have time and can’t be bothered to read all your beautifully written content. Make it easy for them, so they can get to the bits they want to read.


Method number 3: Insert links
A great way to make it easy for your websites visitors to navigate their way around your website is to insert internal links. For example, if you sell a product such as an electrical device that requires batteries, create a link that takes your customer to your battery page.
Alternatively, if you are discussing a topic in your blog or giving a guide on how to perform a task, link your audience to the services section on your website. The easier it is to navigate on your website, the better.

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Including external links is also a great way to improve your audiences experience. They will see you as the one stop shop website to go to for everything they need. You will prove yourself to be an authority on your subject/industry or field.

Method number 4: Blog
This could mean creating a blog, or updating the blog you already have, but never update. Blogs serve many purposes, more about that here.
One great way to improve your SEO score through your content is to regularly update your blog. Keep it topical, engaging and authoritative. Not only will this keep visitors on your website for longer, but it will also increase your chances of other people in your industry referencing to your content and linking to your website. This will result in their website visitors finding you through a third party website. Just like I’ve done here.

Method 5: Index more content
Having more keyword-rich content indexed on your website is a huge plus. Not only does it improve your SEO ranking, but it also serves your website visitors by giving them more content to engage with. This can be used for the purpose of engaging, informing and converting.

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Additionally, indexing more fresh content will make your website more authoritative, all this is going to go towards increasing your SEO score, which means it will be a lot easier to find you on search engines. But again, keeping visitors on your website for as long as possible. Why do you want to do that? It shows Google that your website is a quality website thus improving your score. If you received a lot of traffic to your website, but all that traffic left in 4 seconds, your bounce rate would be through the roof. Google would rank your website as a spam site and penalise you, meaning you’d struggle to rank.

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