Here’s what a new website can do for you

Here’s what a new website can do for you

Could a new website help you grow your business?

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By Ashley Wright

Web Design in Preston Lancashire

The power of a new website

If you’re looking at setting up a new business, or if you don’t yet have a website for your existing business, then a website will definitely help you grow your business.

But what about those businesses that already have a website and are already generating business through their site, how would web design help?

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Aside from the obvious… 

We can all probably agree that something that looks more visually pleasing is better, than something that looks unprofessional and poorly designed. So there’s no need to touch on that. We want to dig a little deeper and give you examples of how a new website will help your business grow.

1. Can your target audience find you?

Here’s the thing, if you sell sports clothing, or if you offer building services for example, you’ll need to rank for keywords related to your product or service. Service providers will more than likely want to rank for their geographical location too. 

Is your content rich enough in keywords and long tail keywords?

Are your meta descriptions accurate and being utilised?

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This is just the tip of the iceberg, but copywriting is very important when trying to get a website to rank on page 1 on search engines. After all, most of us shop on page 1 on Google, not page 10.

Does your website explain your services clearly?

“That’s great, but what do you do?!” – Have you ever visited a website, had a good scroll around and still been unclear or a bit confused as to what they actually do?

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You need to be clear and concise. There’s nothing wrong with a locksmith advertising themselves as someone who, “provides security and piece of mind” but they should also make sure they make it clear they are a locksmith. Not just for the sake of being clear, but also for SEO purposes.

Web design in Preston, Lancashire

Our website looks great…. on a computer.

That’s great, especially if 100% of your websites visitors access your site from a desktop computer. But what about those who don’t?

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For many industries, more than 80% of their website traffic comes from mobile users. As you can appreciate, a mobile responsive site is very important to them.

However, even if you only receive 20% of your traffic from mobile users, it’s still important to have a mobile responsive website. Those 20% of website visitors could make up over 50% of your revenue if they are potential big clients.

Google will also reward your website favourably for being responsive, meaning another tick in the SEO box.

We get good traffic, but low conversion rates.

A problem that web design can solve. After all, as a business, whats the point in receiving lots of web traffic, if all they do is visit and quickly leave?

Increasing your conversion rate is all about creating a positive experience for your customers. This can even be affected by your site speeds.

If they have to wait over 10, 15, or even 30 seconds for a new page to load, you’ve probably already missed out on their business.

What about call to actions? Are you funnelling your visitors to contact pages or product pages? If not, why not?

Do your customers only find out that shipping costs are over £10 when they have got the end of the checkout process?

There are many variables that can result in having a low conversion rate, but identifying them early and fixing them is essential. 

If your conversion rate is low, there’s every chance your bounce rate is high. (People visiting your site and leaving quickly). This will have a negative effect on your SEO, not to mention hinder your chances of winning business from people who had a bad experience last time they visited your site.


Web design in Preston, Lancashire

Is it time we spoke about your new website?

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