5 reasons why you need PPC in 2018

PPC (Pay Per Click) and why you need it in 2018?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has been around since the mid 90’s. Since then it has grown and adapted, almost to the point where most people have at lest heard the term “PPC”. We’re going to discuss the many benefits of paid advertising and why you should be using Pay Per Click in 2018. If you run an ecommerce website, this will be especially valuable to you as PPC is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but also provides a great way to track interest in your products.

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Target your customers

Pay Per Click advertising allows you to put in place an extremely precise targeting.

PPC target your customers

So what parameters are available to you for targeting? You can target consumers based on their: You can target customers based on demographics, interests, even what devices they use. This is key, as over 50% of paid search clicks occur on mobile devices. You can also target your potential customers based on their behavioural activity by using retargeting. This would be a very effective strategy to use on visitors who have already shown an interest in your product, but not completed at the checkout.







Have total control over your PPC budget

The worst thing about any paid feature is the nasty surprise of a huge bill! Rest assured, that isn’t the case with PPC. Total control and “budget” go together like… Peas & Carrots (I think that’s the Forest Gump quote) probably should have googled that.

Anyway, with PPC, you can set your daily and monthly budget, so you’ll never need to worry about a bill you can’t afford. If only central heating in the winter was like that!!!

Another good feature of Pay Per Click budgeting is that you can edit and adjust anytime. Once you see results, you may want to increase your budget slightly to capitalise on your positive results. Testing is always at the heart of any successful campaign, so you may even choose to start low and then increase as you go on.

You’ll need to bear in mind that the higher the budget, the more times a day your ad will get shown. There are exceptions to the rule, such as expensive keywords that will require more budget. This will come as no surprise, but when planning your budget keep the saying, “you get out what you put in” in mind.


Only pay when someone clicks your Ad

Pretty much “it does what it says on the tin” you pay when someone clicks. Simple.

So if someone sees your ad on a google search, you won’t get charged. They have to click on your ad for you to get charged. This is why you get such a strong ROI with PPC. Imagine offline marketing, or classic marketing methods. Take sending flyers out for example. You would pay for each flyer printed and any associated postage costs, but what would your return be? Would every single person who saw that flyer be interested? Probably not.

Your paid ads on the other hand, you’ll be putting your products or services in front of an audience who are interested in them.


PPC is great for your SEO

ppc good for your seo

There’s often a debate as to what’s best for your SEO and the rules often change when google decides to drop a new algorhythm update. But combining PPC with organic SEO is a match made in heaven. Organic SEO can take a long time (not as long as some would have you believe though) Here’s what we did for one of our clients in just 6 months. 

However, PPC will give you instant results. You can fly straight to the top of google for your keywords. But the moment you pull your Adword campaign, you’ll lose that top spot – unless you’ve been working on your organic SEO too.

We do recommend that you run an adwords campaign for between 3-6months minimum to get the results you want. PPC can also help you to discover which keywords are popular, receiving clicks and conversions, which you can then implement in your SEO strategy.


PPC is great for your ROI

ppc roiWhy do most, if not all people invest into marketing? For an ROI (return on investment). So when a marketing technique is presented to you that promises a pretty good ROI, you’re obviously going to be all ears.

One key strong point to mention about PPC is relevance. Your ads will be placed in a relevant place. Say for example you sell Super Cars, if you pay to use that keyword and some searches for that term, you’re ad will appear in front of them. Which means your ad is in a relevant place in front of a relevant person.

You wouldn’t want your website to appear under a search term such as, “economical cars” as that’s not what you sell. So if that person did decide to click your ad, it would be a wasted click that you’ve paid for, but also they will quickly exit your site, contributing to a high bounce rate. (Bad for your SEO).

Here’s a stat that will have you sold on PPC – Adwords has been proven to have an ROI that is 5 times higher than other online marketing channels. PPC is also very trackable, so establishing exactly what your ROI is, is very accessible.



Have you tried running an Adwords campaign for your company yet? Why not give it a try today and start benefiting from a higher ROI today.

If you need support with PPC and your other marketing activity, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your options.


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